What I do….

5 years ago my life changed. I went from being a full time Veterinarian to much more. I am a wife, mom, part time Veterinarian, gardener, and more. Every year my life seems to become more full of love and less full of time. It has been challenging to find a perfect balance. My cooking skills have improved greatly. My garden grows more food with less effort each year.

I am not a chef. I AM a great cook. I feed our family at home 99% of the time (we eat out once per month). I have created a meal planning system to accomplish this and minimize our food costs. I use recipes I find online as well as my own. My photos are real. I will not re-make a whole meal just for a beautiful picture. This is actually what we place on the table each night. The real art is planning. Even cooking these meals, our food costs are reasonable and nothing is wasted.

Most of the meals I make seem complicated but are actually pretty simple. These are my recipes….






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