Pimento cheese potatoes

Pimento cheese flavors creamy and rich oven baked au gratin potatoes.

Black eyed peas

Slow cooked black eyed peas with bacon, okra, tomato, and onion.

Pinto bean soup

This meal is delicious and freezes well. It is a cook once and eat three times kind of meal perfect for fall and winter.

Chicken and okra creole

Because my chicken and okra uses leftover or already grilled chicken, this meal cooks in under 30 minutes for a fast weeknight dinner.

Jalapeño hominy casserole

This dish is spicy, tart, rich and full of pickled jalapeño flavor. This side dish can easily be made early and cooked later.

Pork empanadas

These have spicy meat inside of a buttery crust. Because empanadas can be made ahead for a fast and easy meal, they are well worth the effort to prepare.

Carne guisada

What is this? Great question. It is like nothing else. Basically super spicy tex mex stew. It is almost like a beef chili….. served in a flour tortilla. Super juicy and saucy. There is a flavor explosion from slow cooking everything for hours. This is NOT a fast dinner. I will make a big batch…

Mexican red rice

Mexican rice… Spanish rice… whatever you call it, it is good.