Cottage cheese pancakes

“This is about as Missoura as it gets.” Yes… I grew up outside of St. Louis and that means I ate some definite midwest creations along the way. I can only think of describing this as similar to a cheese blintz. Salty… not fluffy… perfect with sweet maple syrup. We ate these constantly. In fact, growing up I thought all pancakes had cheese in them. Silly me.

There really isn’t anything quite like this. My mom is in town visiting. That means I get to pull out all of the old famous family creations.



3 beaten eggs

1 tsp salt

1/4 cup flour

1 cup cottage cheese

3 tablespoons oil

Mix it all up. Heat a grill to 350 degrees. Make sure to coat the grill with cooking spray just prior to cooking. These cook much longer than regular pancakes. They take about 5-10 minutes per side. Flipping them often results in bad things. The cheese splits out and they begin to stick. One batch makes about 5-6 pancakes or enough for 2 people. They are filling. Expect about 2-3 per person.



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